Disclosure of Border Wall Contracting Ordinance

Disclosure of Border Wall Contracting Ordinance (DBWCO)

The DBWCO requires that City Contractors disclose all contracts, bids or proposals to provide goods or services for the design, construction, operation or maintenance of a federally funded wall, fence or other barrier along the border between the United States and Mexico.  For more details, see the links below:

Effective July 18, 2018, the Disclosure of Border Wall Contracting Ordinance (DBWCO) was combined with the Slavery Disclosure Ordinance (SDO)* on a revised Disclosure Ordinances Affidavit on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN).

You will be required to register on LABAVN (www.labavn.org) in order to access the compliance affidavit web forms. The web forms can be found by clicking on the "Profiles" tab.  Scroll to the "Company Profile" section and click on "Compliance Documents". The web forms should be completed and submitted.

The web forms will be verified by the Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA) only if your company is the successful Proposer/Bidder selected for contract award. Upon BCA verification, the Awarding Authority shall award the contract.

*Note: The previous SDO web form was an indefinite application if verified.  However, with the inclusion of the DBWCO on the new affidavit, any previously verified SDO webform will become obsolete, and your company will be required to complete the new Disclosure Ordinances affidavit.  The new affidavit will also be an indefinite application if verified, and it will only be required to be redone if there are changes to the Company that would affect the Company’s responses to any of the questions.