DPW PLA Documents

Active PLA Projects PLA Documents
Albion Riverside Park  
Asphalt Plant 1 Replacement & Modernization Project (CIP G999) PLA Report
CLARTS Stormwater and Safety Improvements Phase 2  
Departmental Project Labor Agreement 2015-2020
DCTWRP Screw Pumps Installation & Upgrades  Project Infrastructure Stabilization Policy 2015-2020
Public Infrastructure Stabilization Ordinance
HTP Headworks Improvements (CIP 2409) & Odor Control (CIP 2344) Targeted Hiring Guidelines For Contractors
HTP Digester Gas Utilization Project (BOS) PLA Frequently Asked Questions
HWRP Digester Corrosion Rehab (CIP 2441)  
HWRP IPS Odor Control Facility Improvements  
HWRP Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade Mod 1-5 (CIP 2438)  
LAFD Van Nuys Fire Station No 39 Jobs Coordinator Affidavit
LCIS Blackwelder to Olympic Project Jobs Coordinator Questionnaire
Los Angeles Wastewater Control System Replacement Program-LAWINS Craft Request Form
  PLA Craft Request Log
Machado Lake Pipeline Letter of Assent
My Fig Project: Figueroa Corridor Streetscape Improvements Core Workforce List
N. Central Animal Services Phase II Employment Hiring Plan
Normandie Sewer Replacement Rehabilitation Employment Hiring Plan Acknowledgment
North Outfall Sewer Rehab Unit 1 Subcontractor List
North Outfall Sewer Rehab Units 6 & 7  
NOS Rehab Unit 18 Colorado to Doran Phase 1&2  
Parker Center Demolition  
Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project Phase 2  
Robertson Recreation Center  
Sixth Street Viaduct  
Slauson Compton Sewer Rehab  
South District Sewer Maintenance Yard  
South Hall Solar Voltaic Roof System  
SSRP El Sereno and Edison  
SSRP P17 Cypress Ave. & Division St.  
SSRP DAR 03 NE LA Eagle Rock, Los Feliz, Griffith Park  
TIWRP Aeration System Replacement(CIP 5159)  
Van Ness Rec. Ctr.-Pool and Bathhouse Replacement  
Venice Dual Force Main & Venice Pumping Plant Generator Replacement  
Completed PLA Projects
ATSAC Canoga Park Phase 2
ATSAC Foothill
COS Rehab Market St to Slauson Ave & COS at 59th St and 4th Ave
COS Rehab Slauson Ave to Vernon Ave
Echo Park Rehab Project
Hawaiian and B Pumping Plant Rehabilitation
HTP Digester Gas Desulfurization
HTP Effluent Pumping Plant
HTP Flares System Upgrade (CIP 1069)
HTP - Grit Handling Improvements (CIP 2407)
HTP Headworks Screening Handling Improvements and Grit Classifier Relocation
HTP Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade (CIP 2422)
HTP Service Water Facility Upgrade
Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP) 5 Mile Outfall
HTP Truck Loading Facility Odor Control Modernization (CIP 2402)
LAGWRP HPE & Air piping improvements (CIP 4158)
LAPD Metro Police Facility
LAPD New Northeast Area Police Station
LAPD - Police Academy Project Replacement Training Facility
Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehab
North Valley Fire Station No. 7
NOS Rehab Unit 2 - Western Ave to Vermont Ave and Unit 5 - San Pedro St to Hooper Ave
NOS Rehabilitation Unit 3-Vermont to Trinity
Santa Monica Fwy Corridor Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) - Phase 1 Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC)
Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrades Package 3, Ph 2
SSRP A04 Airport Ave & 78th St and S06 Vermont & 76th St.
SSRP C01A California Ave & Abbot Kinney Blvd
SSRP C03 Venice Blvd & Stewart Ave.
SSRP C08A Palisades Drive & Surfview Drive, C08B, C08C
SSRP E35 Glenoaks & Maclay and E39 Balboa Blvd & Ventura Blvd
SSRP H02 6th St & San Vicente Blvd, H05 Beverly Blvd & Fairfax Ave, H16 Crenshaw Blvd & Venice Blvd, U14 Overland & 10 Freeway
SSRP H03 Sunset Blvd And Rodeo Dr
SSRP H14 Wilshire Blvd & Orange Dr, H15, H19, and H20
SSRP H21 Olympic Blvd & Oxford, H24, and ESRP NOS at Kentwood
SSRP H23 Vermont & Olympic, H33 & N01
SSRP N02 San Pedro Street & 31st Street and S05 10th Avenue & 71st Street
SSRP N12 Park View & Beverly Blvd
SSRP P09 Griffin Ave and Ave 43 and P15 Lewis Street and Saylin Lane
SSRP P21A Los Feliz Blvd & Revere Ave, P21B Glendale Blvd & Rowena Ave and P21C Los Feliz Blvd & 5 Fwy
SSRP S16 Avalon Blvd & Vernon Ave
SSRP T01 3rd St & Mesa St and SSRP T05 Channel St & Gaffey St
SSRP T04 S Alma St & 10th St and Z13 Moray Ave & W 25th St 2013-08
SSRP T06A Anaheim St & Broad Ave and T06B Fries Ave & Pier A St
SSRP U01 Marina Fwy & Westchester Pkwy
SSRP U11 Bundy Drive & San Vicente Blvd, U16, & U20
SSRP U21 Gayley & Le Conte Avenue and U23 David & Canfield Avenue
SSRP W32 Serrania Ave & Dumetz Rd
Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater BMP Phase 1
Temescal Canyon Park
TIWRP Tertiary Filter Rehabilitation
TIWRP AWFP Ultimate Expansion CIP 5233
Washington Blvd Sewer Griffith Ave to Long Beach Ave project
West Los Angeles InterceptorSewer Rehabilitation (WLAIS) - Overland to Kelton
Westwood ATCS
Wilmington Drain Multi-Use