Special Permits

Russ Strazzella, Division Manager

(213) 847-2384
Permit Coordinator (Metro)

Michael Chung - Supervisor

(213) 847-2368
Permit Coordinator (West L.A.)


(213) 847-2368

The Special Permit Section is responsible for the inspection of all Utility, and Special Deposit Excavation Permits in the Metropolitan, West Los Angeles, Harbor, and Valley areas of the City. This inspection covers work done by property owners or contractors for the installation of lateral support of large excavations adjacent to the public right-of-way ("E" Permits); General Excavation Permits involving Utility owners' installation and repair of utilities, installation of above-ground facilities, backfill, compaction and the permanent paving of trenches or pot holes made in the street for the construction of utility and electrical lines, TV cables, natural gas, oil and water.

Special Permits group also enforces Los Angeles Municipal Code 62.61