Printable Forms
  • Certified Payroll
    The City of Los Angeles Certified Payroll Form LA-131 is designed to conform to the California State and Federal reporting requirements. Please utilize this form and if using any other form please be sure that all fields found on the LA-131 are reported. Certified payrolls are to be submitted weekly.

  • Statement of Compliance
    The City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Bureau of Contract Administration, Office of Contract Compliance requires that all payrolls submitted for Public Works projects contain this certification.

  • California Apprenticeship Council Training Fund Contributions
    Utilize this form to report training fund contributions to the California Apprenticeship Council if not making training contributions to a State or Federally approved Trust Fund. The training fund contributions are to be made monthly and directly to the California Apprenticeship Council.

  • DAS 140
    The form is to be filled by all contractors participating on public works projects to the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). Failure to do so may result in penalties assessed by the DAS.

  • Fringe Benefit Statement
    This form shall be submitted with the first certified payroll detailing the fringe benefit contributions. The Fringe Benefit Statement shall be updated as the amount of the contributions change.

  • Authorization for Payroll Deduction
    This form is to be submitted with the first certified payroll form on which the deduction first appears. The form is required for any deduction not authorized by law.

  • Request For Dispatch Of An Apprentice -- DAS 142 Form

  • Employee Complaint Form