The following webpage link will direct you to the Equal Benefits Ordinance reference materials discussed below:

Equal Benefits Ordinance Reference & Forms

Requirements During the Performance of the Agreement

If proposers want to bid on this project with another partner company as joint-venture, each partner company must individually submit the required Equal Benefits Ordinance Compliance Form (OCC/EBO-1). If a proposer is awarded a contract with the City, the EBO requires that during the performance of the City agreement, the contractor will:

  1. provide equal benefits to its employees with spouses and employees with domestic partners.
  2. domestic partners, as defined by EBO, includes same and different sex couples. If they are registered with any governmental entity, they must be recognized as being eligible for domestic partner benefits

Which of a contractor's operations are Covered by the EBO

The requirements of the EBO apply to the following:

  1. all of the contractor's operations located within City limits, even if those other operations do not perform work on the City agreement
  2. The contractor's operations located outside City limits if:
    • the operation is on property owned by the City or on property that the City has a right to occupy, or
    • the work performed at the location is being performed for the City, in which case EBO compliance is required only for those employees working on the City contract.

Responding to the bid or proposal request:

  1. Submit with the bid/proposal the EBO Compliance Form (OCC/EBO-1), and, submit the following ONLY IF APPROPRIATE: " the Application for Reasonable Measures (if you wish to apply to be allowed to pay employees the cash equivalent) OR " the Application for Provisional Compliance (if you wish to apply for additional time to implement EBO)
  2. This 2-page form must accompany the response to the bid or proposal request. Have a member of your management team sign page 2 of this form.
  3. Indicate the name of the awarding department for this project and the appropriate contact name and phone number. This is located at the top of page 1 of the EBO Compliance Form.
  4. We suggest that you complete this with the assistance of your benefits administrator to correctly indicate the benefits you offer to your employees.

Determination of compliance with the EBO is required before contract execution.

No agreement with the City will be executed until the OCC has determined that the selected bidder/proposer is in compliance with the EBO.

Helpful Hints for EBO Compliance

Compliance with the EBO

If the selected contractor fails to comply with the EBO during the performance of the agreement, City may deem the contractor to be in material breach of the agreement which may result in the City:

  1. canceling, terminating, or suspending the City agreement, in whole or in part;
  2. retain money due to the contractor;
  3. deem the contractor an irresponsible bidder and disqualified from contracting with the City for a period of two years, or pursue any other available remedy.