The following webpage link will direct you to the Living Wage Ordinance reference materials discussed below:

Living Wage Ordinance Reference & Forms

The 5 Basic Requirements of the LWO

All contractors subject to the Living Wage Ordinance must comply with the following:

  1. Pay employees working on the City contracts, the current living wage.

    The living wage paid to employees is adjusted annually. Any adjustment will be posted and contractors are required to notify their subcontractors of the living wage adjustment and ensure that their employees receive the required wage.

  2. Provide the employees with at least 12 compensated days off per year for sick leave, vacation, or personal necessity at the employee's request, and at least 10 additional uncompensated days off for family or personal illness. These days are accrued and may be taken after 6 months of employment; they are pro-rated for part-time employees.

  3. Inform any of the employees who make less than $12 per hour that they may be eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit. You must also make available to them the forms required to obtain advanced Earned Income Credit payments.

  4. Permit the Office of Contract Compliance access to your work site to conduct a review of the operation, and payroll and related documents. You must also provide copies of the relevant records upon request.

  5. The Ordinance also prohibits any employer from retaliating against any employee who makes any claim of noncompliance with the provisions of the LWO. Additionally, you must also comply with federal law prohibiting retaliation for union organizing.

Submitting your Proposal: Bidder/Contractor Application for Exemption

The LWO presumes that all agreements are subject to the LWO. If you believe that you qualify for an exemption, you should submit an application for exemption with your proposal.

    Bidder/Contractor Application for Exemption. The List of Statutory Exemptions and the Bidder/Contractor Application and Certification for Exemption have been provided as part of your bid package. To be considered for an exemption, you must complete the Bidder/Contractor Application or Certification and submit it, and any required supporting documentation, as part of your bid/proposal to the awarding authority. The awarding department will then forward your request to the OCC for consideration.

    Please keep in mind that even if the prime contractor is exempt, the subcontractors are subject to the Living Wage Ordinance, unless they request and are granted an exemption by the OCC.

Reporting Requirements

The selected contractor will be required to submit a list of all employees, as well as a list of all subcontractors and their employees, within 10 days after execution of the contract. A copy of the Employee Information Form and the Subcontractor Information Form will be provided to the selected contractor or is available from our website, under Ordinances