The following webpage link will direct you to the Service Contractor Worker Retention Ordinance reference materials discussed below.

Service Contractor Worker Retention Reference & Forms

A contract that is subject to the Living Wage Ordinance (LWO) will also be subject to the applicable provisions of the Service Contractor Worker Retention Ordinance (SCWRO). The ordinance states that if a current contractor cannot complete the contract for certain reasons and employees can lose their jobs because of this contract termination, the outgoing contractor must provide the names of these employees to the administering department, the Office of Contract Compliance and the successor contractor. The successor contractor must retain for a 90-day transition period, these employees who:

  1. have been employed for the preceding 12 months or more by the terminated contractor or subcontractor; and who

  2. earn less than $15 per hour in salary or wage; and

  3. whose primary place of employment is in the City on or under the authority of a City contract

The successor contractor must retain these employees for the 90-day period at the current living wage rate. At the end of the 90-day period, the successor contractor (or subcontractor, where applicable) must perform a written performance evaluation, and may only terminate an employee for cause. At the end of your contract, the contractor must also submit the same information to the department within 10 days of termination of your contract.

Termination Provisions

Failure to comply with the LWO/SCWRO may result in the withholding of payments by the Controller's Office, contract termination, civil penalties or debarment.