District W2

Jim Cassley - Principal Construction Inspector

(213) 847-2389

District W-2 is one of three districts in the Wastewater Division and is currently staffed with 16 inspectors. The Inspectors are responsible for administering contracts and providing inspection services for a wide variety of wastewater collection system projects.

The projects inspected by this district generally consist of projects which are within the Collection Systems Settlement Agreement, which will replace aging sewers as part of the legal settlement between the City of Los Angeles and several environmental agencies.

One program within the CSSA is the Secondary Sewer Renewal Program. This program removes/replaces and rehabilitates smaller diameter sewer lines City wide. These projects are needed to correct structural and hydraulic capacity deficiencies in the sewer collection system.

This district also inspects several major sewer rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Some of the highlighted projects include:

COS Rehab NORS Diversion 4 to Market Street

This project will prepare a pre-design report, plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of the Central Outfall sewer ( COS) from the North Outfall Replacement Sewer(NORS) Diversion 4, which is located in parking lot C of the Los Angeles International Airport, to Market Street.
Approximately 13,779 feet of the 60-inch x 73-inch brick COS will be rehabilitated of which approximately 5,800 feet is in the City of Inglewood. Rehabilitation will be based on the condition assessment of the COS.

LCIS Relocation: Rodeo to Jefferson

This project will construct a new sewer in Jefferson Blvd that will replace a portion of the existing La Cienega Interceptor Sewer(LCIS) along Jefferson between Rodeo Road and the intersection of Jefferson and National. The existing pipe is corroded and will be abandoned in place.
The project will construct 1,264 Feet of 66-inch diameter sewer in Jefferson, construct 812 feet of 8-inch sewer to extend an existing 8-inch sewer from the existing LCIS to the new 66-inch sewer and provide local sewer along Jefferson Blvd and abandon approximately 1,500 feet of the existing LCIS.

Washington Oxford Beach Relief Sewer

This project will construct a new relief sewer in Washington Blvd. from Oxford Ave. to Beach Ave..

The work consists of micro-tunneling 198 linear feet of 24-inch Hobas pipe. Micro-tunneling 1911 linear feet of 30-inch Hobas pipe, installation of five maintenance holes, and construction of two large junction structures( one at the upstream connection and one at the downstream connection), installation of (4) 30-inch VCP by-pass sewer, as well as traffic control and dewatering will also be included.

SSRP P18B Verdugo Rd & Ave 33

This project will remove and replace or rehabilitate approximately 3.59 miles ( 18,954 feet) of sewer pipes as part of the Secondary Sewer Renewal Program. This project is located in Northeast Los Angeles in an area bounded by York Blvd. to the north, Division St. to the south, Avenue 49 to the east and San Fernando Rd. to the west. Approximately 45% of the P18 reaches are over 70 years old.

Other SSRP Projects Include:

- SSRP P13 Range View & N Avenue 55

- SSRP P12 Avenue 50 & Monte Vista

- SSRP H35 Griffith Park & Franklin Ave.

- SSRP N15 Glendale Blvd. & Scott Ave

- SSRP P18A Eagle Rock Blvd. & York Blvd.

- SSRP P14 Pasadena Frwy & Marmion Way

- SSRP S15 Grand Ave. & 58th St.

- SSRP H26B Los Feliz Blvd. & Riverside Dr., H26C Sanborn Ave. & Griffith Park Blvd.

- SSRP H26A Franklin Ave. & Hyperion Ave., H26D Griffith Park Blvd. & Glendale Blvd.

- SSRP U24 Robertson Blvd. & Alcott St.