HHH PLA Documents

In November 2016, the voters of the City of Los Angeles approved Proposition HHH.  Proposition HHH authorizes the City to issue 1.2 billion dollars in bonds over ten years, the proceeds of which are to be used to provide safe, clean affordable housing for the homeless and for those in danger of becoming homeless, such as battered women and their children, veterans, seniors, foster youth and the disabled; and to provide facilities to increase access to mental health care, drug and alcohol treatment, and other services. 

To achieve its goal of creating up to 10,000 permanent supportive housing units to address citywide homelessness and the homeless housing shortage, the City provides financial assistance to private firms to construct the housing development and improvement projects funded by Proposition HHH.  As part of the implementation of this program, through the Proposition HHH Project Labor Agreement (HHH-PLA), the City desires to reinvest into its local neighborhoods and residents, by training and employing them on Proposition HHH funded projects. 
Terms and conditions of the HHH-PLA include the following:
Prompted into effect by either:

Applies to all construction work performed on any HHH-PLA covered project.

• Requires all contractors and subcontractors to be bound to the Agreement.
• Prohibits strikes, work-stoppages and lockouts.
• Promotes workforce development through establishing targeted hiring requirements:

Proposition HHH Project Labor Agreement 2018
Permanent Supportive Housing & Facilities Infrastructure Stabilization Ordinance
Permanent Supportive Housing and Facilities Infrastructure Stabilization Policy
Contractor Resource - Targeted Hiring Guidelines HHH

HHH PLA Virtual Training and Informational Session: June 30th, 2021 @ 9:30 a.m.

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