Time Keeping / Payroll

Lisa Adams
Payroll Supervisor

(213) 847-2579

This section carries out all timekeeping related activities for the Bureau. These activities include:

  • Data entry of all employee timesheets and mileage reports
  • Blue slips and evidence of insurance
  • Tracking of overtime banks and usage
  • Preparing of payroll of adjustments
  • Distribution of paychecks and timecards
  • Coordination of jury duty leaves and personnel changes
  • Coordination of weekly mail outs to construction inspector

Notice issued to BCA Employees on 12/28/2018:
BCA employees are asked to enter their own time, including work orders, tasks and sub tasks, in D-Time as follows:
SK  Sick                                    W9SICKHR     CTO PAY
VC  Vacation                             W9VACAHR   CTO  PAY
WF  Furlough                            W9WFHOUR  N/A  AUT
FH   Floating holiday                 W9BENEFT    CTO  PAY
RW  Reduced workweek           W9UNCOMP N/A    AUT
TO  OT time off  (1.5)                W9TOTIME    CTO  PAY
LW  Leave Without Pay             W9UNCOMP N/A    AUT

PM Preventive Medicine               W9BENEFT  CTO PAY
TS   (Over time off 1.0)                 W9TSTIME    CTO PAY
FI   Family Illness                          W9BENEFT   CTO  PAY
OH Overtime Worked on Holiday (Use appropriate work order)
LP Worker's Comp Appointments CXXWCOMP A96  000
AW Absence Without Leave         W9UNCOMP N/A  AUT 
BL  Bereavement Leave               W9BENEFT   CTO PAY

The Payroll Section will continue to enterI Holidays in D-Time.